About us

DDoy Group is a Procurement led company which focuses on manufacturing and Raw Products, Equipment and accessories procurement, sourcing and trading with a prominence on supplying to emerging and frontier markets. Emerging and frontier markets in Asia, Europe,Africa, Middle East and Latin America offer some of the best growth opportunities, and with a number of customers located in different countries and this brings the global reach of DDoy groups.

DDoy Group takes pride in the specialisation of solving customers procurement needs. And, We make sure that the products and equipment we supply are harmonised with their specifications and within their budget and lead-time requirements.

DDoy groups take pride in providing the end to end supply of the products and equipment, from the manufacturer's factory to the customers door all over the world touching various segments of businesses.

What is an emerging market?
An emerging market is used to describe a developing country which is experiencing rapid growth and economic transformation with high growth expectations, for example China, India, Brazil, Nigeria and UAE.

What is a frontier market?
A frontier market are developing countries that because of demographics, development, politics and liquidity are considered less mature than emerging markets but still offer good potential for future growth, for example Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Senegal and Vietnam.

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