Logistics Procurement Consulting

Think Simplify Deliver- That's what we believe in!

Simplifying the most important aspect of the Supply chain process.
The procurement of logistics services requires a holistic approach and a high level of coordination in the implementation phase. We provide comprehensive, long-term support for your supply chain management, from conception to successful implementation.

How do we do it?
Analysis of logistics processes, Cost analysis, Timeline, Resource, Transportation.

All of our logistics procurement projects start with analysing your processes and individual requirements for logistics partners, including road, sea and air cargo. In a market that is constantly changing, it is not only about reducing costs; it is about reliability. We will find the right partner for you.

Optimizing existing logistics systems
We advise you on both the procurement of various logistics services and optimizing your logistics systems, looking at input and output logistics and analysing networks to identify and eliminate inefficiencies. We manage outsourcing projects, carry out make-or-buy analysis when needed and continue to develop your organization and controlling. As a result, you can unlock savings potential and simultaneously optimize your logistics.

The results:
Reduced costs and improved performance for your logistics system Reduced process costs and continually improving value creation across the supply chain Do you want to optimize your logistics systems, as well as significantly reduce logistics costs?

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