PAAS ( Procurement as a Service )

A smart business needs a cutting edge solution to reap better ROI. In a Modern day business the most tedious process may not be procurement but connecting the lines that make the process challenging. The procurement function needs to do numerous things well and it can be hard for CPO’s to find resources, time, and deliver the best possible service across the entire scope of their operation. Often a strategic partner may be a better option. The challenge to improve and continue driving their function forward shall be the role of the strategic partner.

DDOY’s Procurement as a Service (PaaS) partner program allows organizations to a fully functioning procurement service. With this, the organization can leverage our expertise, and specialist delivery capability to bolster in-house teams, create a new function, or quickly build new capability.

We take accountability for a set of activities and targets and deliver them as a service with defined outcomes and performance measures. Your organization can focus on core activities and benefit from working with specialists in their fields while having access to a wide range of procurement services which can evolve with needs.

Our approach features:
Simple agreement of managed scope, targets, and incentive models
Deployment of an onsite team, with flexible operational and specialist support
Flexing of capabilities to address different challenges in categories or skills
For more information on procurement as a service, get in touch with one of our procurement consultants

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